Released: Calm v1.6.0

The past few weeks have seen a whirlwind of activity at The v1.6.0 release adds a lot of refinement to We've squished a few bugs, added a whole lot of features and made things function a whole lot faster to help your IT orchestration become that much easier.

New Terminology

We have made changes to our terminology to help it make more sense and be more meaningful in the context.

  • Resources in blueprints and applications will now be known as Services.
  • Blueprints and Flows have been combined and will now be known as Topology.

What's New?

An enhanced and supercharged UI

The UI now comes with a load of enhancements to make your IT orchestration experience that much better.

  • The Blueprints, Applications, Resources and Budgets pages now include an option to view items in  a grid view. Each item on the grid carries short information regarding that item. Clicking on an item opens up a panel on the right with a more detailed view of the item along with an option to edit or configure it.
  • The Applications page has also been revamped. We've made changes to the Overview section and added a detailed Timeline view for the application. This dashboard also contains separate tabs for Services, Topology, Flows, Policies and Credentials that lets you work with them on the fly. You can also edit or delete an application right from this page.
  • The tabs for Blueprints and Flows have been combined on the Blueprint creator and renamed as Topology.

A New Policies tab now includes a Policies tab in the Blueprint editor that lets you configure policies for you to enforce on your blueprints and deployments.

Cloning Tasks, Now Possible

While adding or editing flows, you can now select a task from the existing set of tasks in a flow and clone it for reuse. 

Support for Docker Private Registry

You can now push and pull images from your own Docker Private Registry using on Docker version 1.9.0.

Mandatory Customization Specification for vCenter on

Customization Specifications are now mandatory while configuring a custom vCenter specification with

Support for vCenter 5.1 now supports vCenter 5.1.

Run Flows Concurrently

You will now be able to execute the same flow or different flows simultaneously. In case a flow that mutates the application is already running, new flows triggered get queued for execution. These new flows get executed once the mutating flow is complete. You can also mark flows as Critical. Critical flows will cause other flows to queue while non-critical flows will all run in parallel.

Salt Sudo, No More

Normal users with superuser privileges no longer to need use sudo to run Salt init and delete processes.

A New "Save As" Option For Your Blueprints

The Application edit page now includes a "Save As" button that lets you add the edited application either as a new blueprint or by overwriting the original parent blueprint.

Customize Your Create Flow now supports the customization of the Create flow in your blueprints. You can now create your own edges and link to tasks of your choice within the create-action flow. 

Support For Cross Dependencies now supports cross dependencies between services in your blueprints. 

Download and Upload Administrator Settings

You can now download and upload all administrator settings as a json file.

Auto-sync of Resources now conducts an auto-sync at periodic intervals to fetch an updated list of resources.

Auto-select Credentials

Credentials are now automatically selected if you have only configured one set of credentials in your blueprint.

What's Changed?

  • You can now configure the number of blueprints to be displayed in the list view of the Blueprints page.
  • We fixed an issue where users could be shown a random flow in the flows tab, while creating an application or running a flow, rather than the flow that was currently being run or the last executed flow run (when there were no active flow runs).
  • Fixed an issue where users could not run flows when a delete action was running.
  • The file names for each downloaded task log are now more descriptive and follow the format <Application Name>-<Flow Name>-<Task Name>-<Date-Time>.log
  • Deactivated blueprints no longer show up on the Blueprints page. To view deactivated blueprints, select the Status filter and then Deactivated.
  • Cloning blueprints will now also clone the policies that were assigned on the original blueprint.
  • Your team names can now include alphanumeric characters, underscores, hyphens, and spaces.
  • We fixed an issue where SSH retry messages kept piling up in the task logs for provisioning tasks. These messages will now be collated and displayed as "Trying to SSH to machine..." along with a retry counter to show the number of retries it took to SSH into the machine.
  • We fixed an issue where the usage of a custom provider that was created after creating your blueprint failed.
  • You can now view the complete names of Chef cookbooks.
  • Budget queries are now executed faster than ever before.
  • We've changed the error message that shows up whenever you name an application with a name that is already in use to "Application already exists. Please enter another name."
  • Clicking on Add Task now directly jumps the cursor to the Task pane for further configuration.
  • Whenever you make use of macros in your scripts on a blueprint, automatically populates a list of variables that you've configured in the blueprint for you to choose from and use in your script. For example, typing @@{ in the Script box automatically gives you a list of configured variables for that particular blueprint, from which you can select a variable and use in the script.
  • If the same variable name exists at both the resource & the blueprint level, the value of the resource level variable will override and be used in the application.
  • now asks for your confirmation whenever you try to abort a flow run.
  • We fixed an issue where users using on Firefox browsers could not copy the output of a task.
  • For users using AWS with, Availability Zones is renamed to AWS Region.
  • Resources that have failed in a deployment will now carry a red highlight in the Deployment Overview section on the Deployment page instead of marking all resources as Failed
  • Deleting failed applications no longer gives you an error.
  • Audit logs for VM Actions now show the resource name and who requested the action.
  • We fixed an issue where VMs without VMWare tools installed would not get deleted/powered off when the creation of applications dependant on such VMs failed.
  • We fixed an issue where service properties such as Public IP, Private IP, DNS, etc were not refreshed to their newer values, whenever machines were stopped and restarted.
  • We fixed a performance issue due to which background queries were carried out slower than expected.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when using bare-metal servers in multiple applications, the count of machines considered for licensing increased even though the number of unique machines were constant.
  • The applications that you've deleted no longer figure in the total number of applications that you've spun off from a single blueprint.
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