Released: Calm v1.6.3

The focus during the past couple of weeks at was to further improve the experience of users who love Openstack. We've rolled out a couple of new Openstack-centric features that are sure to go a long way in improving your experience of working with Openstack machines using Calm.

What's New?

Select multiple projects while configuring Calm with Openstack

You can now select multiple Openstack projects while configuring Calm with your Openstack account. You will also be able to select projects while building a blueprint to provision an Openstack machine under Provider Configuration.

Openstack Provider Configurations are now runtime editable

You can now make Openstack provider configurations editable during runtime. This allows you to edit your provider configuration while launching a blueprint.

What's Changed?

  • It is no longer mandatory to provide a key pair while provisioning an Openstack machine.
  • We fixed an issue where deleting Chef nodes would not work whenever the macro AZ_RANDOM is used in the node name of a compute node.
  • We fixed an issue where networks unavailable in certain Openstack projects would still appear as available in Calm.
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