Released: Calm v1.7.1

It's been just over a month since we rolled out Calm v1.7.0 for you, and we're out with our next release already! Wondering what's in our coffee?

Calm v1.7.1 is here - with yet another bunch of new features, enhancements and bug fixes. The highlights of this release are the Microsoft Azure integration and the support for LDAP to manage users and groups in Calm. The Azure integration officially extends Calm's list of supported integrations to 13, including some of the most popular virtualization, build and deployment tools, and repositories.

We've also squished some bugs that managed to creep into our last release, and made a few enhancements to the UI. Read on for the complete list of new features and bug fixes that are part of Calm v1.7.1.

What's New?

New Azure Integration

Calm now integrates with Microsoft Azure. You can now use Calm to launch and manage Azure services and build deployments from it. (calm-2970)


Support for Active Directory

Calm now comes with LDAP support to manage users and groups in Calm.  You can configure Calm with LDAP by visiting the Administration page of your Calm installation. (calm-995)

Enhanced Macro Support

We have extended Macro Support on Calm to include the following macros within the blueprint:

  • @@{calm_blueprint_name}@@ that resolves to Blueprint Name.
  • @@{calm_deployment_name}@@ that resolves to Deployment Name.
  • @@{calm_service_name}@@ that resolves to Service Name.
  • @@{calm_team_name}@@ that resolves to Team Name.
  • @@{calm_username}@@ that resolves to Username.
  • @@{calm_uuid}@@ that resolves to a unique number within a deployment.
  • @@{calm_array_vm_machine_ip}@@ that lets you retrieve the list of IP addresses of all services in an array. You can retrieve an individual IP by using @@{calm_array_vm_machine_ip[index]}@@. (calm-3150)
  • New macros for target version @@{target_version}@@ and previous version @@{previous_version}@@ to better execute rollbacks and upgrades. (calm-3406)

We have also renamed all the existing macros that begin with AZ_ to begin with calm_. Your existing blueprints with the old macros beginning with AZ_ will continue to work as the new macros are backward compatible.  (calm-1374)

Support for Customization Specifications for Windows on vCenter

We have now included support for Customization Specifications for Windows on vCenter. (calm-2931)

Retry for System Generated Flows

We have now included the capability of retrying Create, Delete, Start, Stop and Restart flows. (calm-3060)

What's Changed? 

  • Changed the icons for services that are spun off of Custom Providers to differentiate them from existing services. (calm-2711)
  • Updated the list of AWS instance types in the UI to match the current AWS EC2 instance standards. (calm-2950)
  • Fixed an issue where services during Service Import on blueprints would include Docker Services and services that had been stopped. (calm-3069)
  • Included help text on the Download/Upload settings section to make it easier to understand how the Name and Passphrase fields are used. (calm-3422)
  • The different types of providers that you configure with Calm are now categorized into Virtualization, Deployment, Build and Repositories on the Create Blueprint UI. (calm-3129)
  • Included the provisioning of Chef Data Bags while running an Upgrade policy on an array. (calm-3176)
  • Optimised the Deployment Policy UI for Docker Containers by removing the Upgrade and Rollback flow drop-down menus. (calm-3303)
  • Changed the icon for services that have been stopped to make it more intuitive and comprehensible at first glance. (calm-2652)
  • Fixed an issue where run-shell tasks for vCenter Windows VMs could fail. (calm-3422)
  • Fixed an issue where the budget widget would take too long to refresh or fetch budget information. (calm-2173)
  • Fixed an issue where the failure of a deployment related action such as start, stop or restart due to user defined tasks changes the service state to Failed. (calm-2763)
  • Deployments that have been forcefully deleted now show an error before moving to the Deleted state. (calm-2811)
  • External events that trigger autoscale or resilience on Docker services now carry the Docker container ID or IP in order to identify the service on which to carry out the action. (calm-2827)
  • Added UI validation for some mandatory fields in Deployment policies. (calm-3010)
  • Fixed an issue where the Sync button would appear on the Services page for users with the Operator role. (calm-3043)
  • Users with the Consumer role can now sync services from the Services page on Calm. (calm-3050)
  • Fixed an issue where an error was shown without an error description when an admin would try resending an activation email to users without having email settings configured with Calm. (calm-3122)
  • Fixed an issue where the failure of a Scale Up task would render the deployment to be unusable. (calm-3126)
  • Replaced text buttons with icons to denote pending or approved approvals on the Approvals page. (calm-3130)
  • Enhanced the Activity section of the Deployment dashboard to automatically adjust the time range over which an activity on the deployment has occurred. (calm-3159)
  • Fixed an issue where users were able to save a Blueprint after adding a flow with the Credentials field being empty. (calm-3173)
  • Fixed an issue where an upgrade that has an approval pending would still be carried out even if the user aborted the pre-upgrade flow. (calm-3246)
  • Fixed an issue where a user changes an array service with a deployment policy configured to a single service, the deployment instantiated from the blueprint would still show the deployment policy as being applied to it. (calm-3253)
  • Fixed an issue where an executed task during a blueprint run would continue to blink while it's subsequent  tasks were being executed. (calm-3259)
  • Fixed an issue where the Flow Run public API would fail stating that the related deployment was not found. (calm-3261)
  • Fixed an issue where provider-based service sync failures would not display error messages appropriately. (calm-3262)
  • Fixed an issue where the Deployments page would take longer than usual to display all deployments and would sometimes show incorrect information related to the deployment state. (calm-3278)
  • Fixed an issue that made it difficult to close the Approval details pop-up on the UI. (calm-3327)
  • Fixed an issue where improper information was displayed in the Approval For column on the Approvals page for VM actions approval requests. (calm-3328)
  • Fixed an issue where the provisioning of a VMware service would fail and produce an error "VMware request failed with error: VM not found Error at line 31> 'NoneType'" (calm-3342)
  • Fixed an issue where, in some cases, the Scale-Up and Scale-Down flows kept the service in a Queued state, even though the flows were complete. (calm-3343)
  • Fixed an issue where Deployment edit did not allow the addition of new tasks for system generated flows. (calm-3352)
  • Fixed an issue where editing a deployment and adding a task to its create action flow would not show the Delete and Edge action buttons. (calm-3381)
  • Fixed an issue where deployments that failed during the create action could not be deleted. (calm-3392)
  • Fixed an issue where the service state wouldn't change from In Progress to Completed whenever an upgrade was carried out with an Initial Count and Approval policy configured. (calm-3408)
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to edit the task type for flows that had been added to an existing deployment. (calm-3352)
  • Fixed an issue where the data that was part of a blueprint became stale when a user moved back from the run preview of a blueprint to make changes to it and saved the blueprint. (calm-3421)
  • Fixed an issue where the upload of a valid or invalid license file during the first-time configuration of Calm would lead to the first-time configuration getting stuck at this step. (calm-3448)
  • Renamed Machine Name to Service Name in the Services Page. (calm-3464)
  • Fixed an issue where services would go into a Starting state rather than staying in the Stopped state whenever a VM Start action request was rejected. (calm-3468)
  • Fixed an issue where uploading a key file and public key file would lead to a UI validation error. (calm-3390)
  • Included changes in the UI to denote task criticality, service states and action retry. (calm-3138)


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