Released: Calm v1.7.2

Calm v1.7.2 brings you a tiny bunch of bug fixes and minor improvements to Calm v.1.7.1. The focus of this release was to fix a few bugs in the Microsoft Azure integration and errors that cropped up during migration from Calm v1.7.0 to v1.7.1. We've also made improvements to Calm making certain tasks run faster than before.

What's Changed?

• Fixed an issue where LDAP settings were not working after migrating from Calm v1.7.0 to v.1.7.1. (calm-3582)

• Fixed an issue where the delete action would fail for failed deployments on Microsoft Azure. (calm-3579)

• Included the ability to add data disks for Microsoft Azure VMs. (calm-3766)

• Made changes to internal Chef API calls to make Chef tasks run faster. (calm-3691)

What Was New in Calm v1.7.1?

New Azure Integration

Calm now integrates with Microsoft Azure. You can now use Calm to launch and manage Azure services and build deployments from it. (calm-2970)

Support for Active Directory

Calm now comes with LDAP support to manage users and groups in Calm.  You can configure Calm with LDAP by visiting the Administration page of your Calm installation. (calm-995)

Enhanced Macro Support

We have extended Macro Support on Calm to include the following macros within the blueprint:

  • @@{calm_blueprint_name}@@ that resolves to Blueprint Name.
  • @@{calm_deployment_name}@@ that resolves to Deployment Name.
  • @@{calm_service_name}@@ that resolves to Service Name.
  • @@{calm_team_name}@@ that resolves to Team Name.
  • @@{calm_username}@@ that resolves to Username.
  • @@{calm_uuid}@@ that resolves to a unique number within a deployment.
  • @@{calm_array_vm_machine_ip}@@ that lets you retrieve the list of IP addresses of all services in an array. You can retrieve an individual IP by using@@{calm_array_vm_machine_ip[index]}@@. (calm-3150)
  • New macros for target version @@{target_version}@@ and previous version@@{previous_version}@@ to better execute rollbacks and upgrades. (calm-3406)

We have also renamed all the existing macros that begin with AZ_ to begin with calm_. Your existing blueprints with the old macros beginning with AZ_ will continue to work as the new macros are backward compatible.  (calm-1374)

Support for Customization Specifications for Windows on vCenter

We have now included support for Customization Specifications for Windows on vCenter. (calm-2931)

Retry for System Generated Flows

We have now included the capability of retrying Create, Delete, Start, Stop and Restart flows. (calm-3060)

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