Released: Calm v1.8.1 'Habanero'

Calm v1.8.1, our hottest release yet, is officially out and available now! This new release brings you a bunch of new features and enhancements to previous releases. Calm v1.8.1 now includes improved support for AWS including Elastic IP and Elastic Load Balancing. It also supports multiple provider configurations within a single blueprint, so the same blueprint can be executed to create deployments on multiple clouds.

Other features include the much-requested ability to edit running deployments, an awesome auditable single-click Web SSH terminal to access services from within Calm, and improved vCenter provisioning.

What's New?

Support for AWS Elastic IP

Calm now supports the provisioning of AWS services with either an existing Elastic IP Address attached, or letting you create a new Elastic IP for new deployments. (calm-3304)

Support for AWS Elastic Load Balancing

Calm now supports provisioning and management of Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) within the drag-drop blueprint editor, automatically distributing incoming traffic across multiple AWS. (calm-3309)

Support for Multiple Provider Configurations

You can now add multiple provider configurations for each service in your blueprint, thereby letting you choose from multiple cloud providers (configured in Calm) to deploy to, when deploying your blueprints. (calm-3515)

Web-based SSH Terminal for Services

Calm now brings you auditable web-based SSH terminal access to all services that are listed in the Services page of your Calm instance.  The responsive SSH terminal access can be used to remotely login to your services and execute commands directly from within the Calm UI, with all commands being logged as part of the audit trail within Calm. (calm-2629, calm-3520)

Editing of Running Deployments

Calm now lets you edit running deployments from the Deployments page on your Calm instance. You can now add more tasks to running services, add new services to the deployment, create new flows and assign new dependencies between services.

Support for AWS Cost API

Calm now provides an option to automatically pull the correct $ cost per instance from the AWS API and use it for budgeting calculations.

Support for AWS GovCloud Region

Calm now supports usage of the AWS GovCloud Region for deployments. Note that you need an authorized AWS account enabled for AWS GovCloud to be able to use this feature.

Improved vCenter VM Provisioning

vCenter VMs are now provisioned from a pool of IP addresses; similar to the way AWS services are provisioned in Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) groups. (calm-2929)

What's Changed? 

  • Fixed an issue where application expiry policies might not be executed at the exact time in some cases. (calm-3067)
  • Fixed an issue in the public API for listing blueprints where blueprints in the ERROR state would be listed as DRAFT. (calm-3709)
  • Improved the display of Azure error notifications on the Calm UI. (calm-3588)
  • Fixed an issue where the status for certain failed operations could be listed as SUCCESS in the run logs for that operation. (calm-3675)
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when the approval for a rollback was rejected, resulting in the services that were already rolled back not being restored to their previous version. (calm-3906)
  • Fixed an issue where upgrades could be triggered without specifying a value for the Target Version. (calm-3908)
  • Added a check on the Calm UI to disallow properties and variables with the name "index". (calm-3539)
  • Fixed an issue where services instantiated after a scale up flow were not of the same version as the existing services in the array. (calm-3512)
  • Made changes to improve performance while fetching item entries for Chef databags. (calm-1505)
  • Fixed an issue where services that were part of a successfully deleted deployment could get stuck in the "IN PROGRESS" state. (calm-3543)
  • Fixed a scenario that would sometimes show the following error message"TypeError: null is not an object (evaluating 'e.ownerSVGElement')" on the UI. (calm-3892)
  • Added UI validation for runtime editable properties. (calm-3574)
  • Fixed an issue where changing the number of records displayed per page of a menu would also change the displayed records for all other menus. (calm-3762)
  • Fixed an issue where the Blueprint Edit button in the grid view required two clicks. (calm-3690)
  • Added a tooltip for the runtime editable icon in the blueprint editor. (calm-3687)
  • Fixed an issue where the first flow, that was executed after a service is assigned a new IP address due to IP expiry, would fail. (calm-2505)
  • Fixed an issue that would show an error message stating "AttributeError in kali: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'uid'" on the UI in some cases. (calm-3531)
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused blueprint export during deployment edit to fail. (calm-3586)
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