Released: Calm v1.8.2

Calm v1.8.2 is now live and available for Calm users. While our engineering team is hard at work on Calm v1.9, v1.8.2 brings along a few bug-fixes for some pesky issues observed in v1.8.1 that we decided needed to be stamped out ASAP!

What's New?

Support for AWS Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region

Calm now supports usage of the newly launched AWS Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region for deployments.

What's Changed?

  • Fixed an issue where the list of AWS regions would not be updated in Calm blueprints in certain cases. (calm-4212)
  • Fixed an issue where the list of Openstack projects would not be updated in Calm blueprints in certain cases. (calm-4213)
  • Fixed a bug in the migration script that impacted certain older installations being migrated from Calm v1.7.x to v1.8.x.

What's New in v1.8.1?

Support for AWS Elastic IP

Calm now supports the provisioning of AWS services with either an existing Elastic IP Address attached, or letting you create a new Elastic IP for new deployments. (calm-3304)

Support for AWS Elastic Load Balancing

Calm now supports provisioning and management of Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) within the drag-drop blueprint editor, automatically distributing incoming traffic across multiple AWS. (calm-3309)

Support for Multiple Provider Configurations

You can now add multiple provider configurations for each service in your blueprint, thereby letting you choose from multiple cloud providers (configured in Calm) to deploy to, when deploying your blueprints. (calm-3515)

Web-based SSH Terminal for Services

Calm now brings you auditable web-based SSH terminal access to all services that are listed in the Services page of your Calm instance.  The responsive SSH terminal access can be used to remotely login to your services and execute commands directly from within the Calm UI, with all commands being logged as part of the audit trail within Calm. (calm-2629, calm-3520)

Editing of Running Deployments

Calm now lets you edit running deployments from the Deployments page on your Calm instance. You can now add more tasks to running services, add new services to the deployment, create new flows and assign new dependencies between services.

Support for AWS Cost API

Calm now provides an option to automatically pull the correct $ cost per instance from the AWS API and use it for budgeting calculations.

Support for AWS GovCloud Region

Calm now supports usage of the AWS GovCloud Region for deployments. Note that you need an authorized AWS account enabled for AWS GovCloud to be able to use this feature.

Improved vCenter VM Provisioning

vCenter VMs are now provisioned from a pool of IP addresses; similar to the way AWS services are provisioned in Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) groups. (calm-2929)



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